The 1000 Day Initiative is a platform that works to advance the cause of healthy early childhood development in China.

On May 9, 2019, “The Guiding Opinion Regarding the Advancement of the Caring Service Development of Children under the Age of Three”was published by the State Council. We will do our utmost to support the government in its mission to promote the development of toddlers.

Our goal is to support and cooperate with the government to create effective and accessible programs that address the crucial issues affecting children aged 0-3 years. Only by working together can we ensure the heathy
the sharing of knowledge and practices
the capacity development of practitioners, foundations and government agencies
the communication of the latest scientific findings to the broader community within China

The first few years of life are critical for long-term growth.

New advances in neural development find that 80 percent of lifetime brain development happens before age three. Synapse formation is at its fastest in this window.